Product designers get to envision abstract solutions and materialize them into digital experiences. I thought that sounded like a pretty compelling line of work, so I took my degree in cognitive science and got a little creative with it.

Four things to know about me

Bonjour, hola, hello 👋

Growing up in a tricultural household, I was exposed to diverse perspectives, values, and life experiences. I learned early just how relative the term "normal" is. Our differences ought to be celebrated as they make for dynamic and engaging communities.

13.1 miles, plus some

Running has never come easily to me but I firmly believe in the power of a growth mindset and the fulfillment of tackling things that feel daunting. I’m proud to have now run 4 half marathons but the real accomplishment is the number of friends (and strangers) I've convinced to join me.

Find your medium

I happen to love post it notes. The 3x3 yellow squares are flexible enough to accommodate different types of information and are infinitely scalable (limited only by wall size). I find that they are effective for seeing the bigger picture and discovering unexpected connections.

Earth's energizer

I’m a born and bred coffee lover from Seattle who believes everything’s better with bean juice and the gusto that comes with it!