Reimagining the customer store

experience 3-5 years in the future.

I advanced future store concepts for the Store Innovation team through user data analysis, market research, and digital prototypes.



I worked on:


Global Coffee Retailer

UX Design Consultant

Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD

digital experience will be tested in the coming month

Advancing Store Concepts

As a UX Design Consultant at a Global Coffee Retailer, I brought my design background to the 5 person Store Innovation Team. During the three month assignment, I spearhead two individual projects and worked on a number of deliverables presented to top company executives including:


  • paper / low-fi / hi-fi prototypes

  • user data analysis

  • concept storyboarding

  • innovation best practices presentation

  • competitive research on price points and offerings

  • synthesis of human-centered design thinking tools

Understanding Future Customer Needs

To identify next steps for evolving the store concepts, I analyzed user data from 270 survey participants both quantitatively and qualitatively. I categorized data to reveal patterns in user preferences and synthesized key user reactions that revealed opportunity. 

Designing a Digital Prototype

I noticed that participants in the first survey struggled to grasp the store concepts so for the next iteration of testing, I designed a digital prototype that was more experiential and immersive to solve this problem. This digital prototype collected participant input in real-time, removing the need for a costly external survey tool. 

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