Encouraging fundraising

with logistical resource.

NUDM is one of the nation's largest student-run philanthropies, with 1000+ dancers raising over $1 million each year. As project manager of the mobile team, I led 3 computer science students in designing and developing the first ever NUDM iOS app serving as a logistical resource.



I worked on:


Northwestern Dance Marathon (NUDM)

3 computer science students

Ionic/CSS, card sorting, paper prototyping

published on App Store, 2x faster content finding​

Creating Something Meaningful

To understand user needs, the mobile app team conducted interviews with past participants and found that they were using a combination of Facebook, the official NUDM website, email updates, and word of mouth to stay in the know.


90% of students felt that staying up to date was a frustrating and time-consuming process.

Consolidating Information

From the interviews, we decided to break down information into key categories:

  1. event dates

  2. fundraising totals

  3. FAQs


After consolidating the information from all of the marketing platforms into 25 key concepts, we conducted closed card sorting in the form of 15 individual sorts.

Paper Prototyping

Using insights gained from the card sorting, we created paper prototypes of potential designs of our mobile application.

We ultimately chose: 

  • a scrolling calendar format for the event dates

  • a profile page for fundraising information

  • a standard question-answer layout for the FAQ

Development Cycle

To develop the mobile application, we used the Ionic platform and its CSS styling as well as the NUDM colors and fonts to ensure a uniform design.


We conducted user and performance testing with 20 students and made adjustments based off of their feedback.

From Idea to App Store

Our app was published to the app store and used that year during the event, coming into contact with 500+ students.
User testing revealed that our app on average helped users find answers to their questions twice as fast as any of the previous platforms.
In future iterations, NUDM plans to expand the app to include fundraising pages.

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