Empowering consumers

to support diverse companies.

PowerPay gives companies a score based on their diversity and female representation, promoting transparency and enabling individuals to vote with their wallet. 



I worked on:



4 Northwestern students

HTML/CSS, development, UI/UX, mind mapping

won two awards at BuildHer hackathon

BuildHer Hackathon

PowerPay was born out of BuildHer: a hackathon that seeks to promote diversity and inclusion in the male-dominated tech industry by providing a collaboration space for individuals that identify as female, non-binary, or transgender.

Purchasing Power

I came in knowing that I wanted to create something that empowered women to use and elevate their voices. Within the first few hours, I assembled a team and we set out to brainstorm how we might empower women within their existing routines and lives. We concept mapped 3 topics that we were interested in (women’s reproductive health, voting engagement, and purchasing power) and settled on purchasing power since it had enormous potential - it was the least saturated space and is something people engage in every single day.

Voting With Your Wallet

Women are the primary buyer for most households.


We realized that enabling women in their purchasing decisions could be an influential way of elevating women. Daily purchases are like casting votes in support of a company and therefore in support of their values. It has become increasingly apparent how widespread of a problem lack of diversity and female representation is in companies.


Our vision for PowerPay was to create a platform that provides transparency around this issue by giving companies a score that can then inform consumer purchasing decisions.

Hackathon Outcome

Since we had limited time, we only included women representation into our company scores, specifically the number of women on the board and in C-level positions as well as whether the CEO is male or female.


We presented our final website and won two awards:


  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. Best Hack for Social Good

  • best hack for women’s empowerment. 

Lo-Fi Prototype

Use the protoype:

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